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Preston Diamond: Boston Union Man

PRESTON DIAMOND prefers to work alone but when he receives an offer of assistance from the greatest warrior of all time he does not refuse. The entire city of Boston is in the throes of a labour struggle. Straddling the fence is not an option. A select group of individuals is raking in huge profits from a union movement that has no interest in its membership. Even the boys in blue have been pressured into signing up and the force has become an immobilized disgrace. Fist fights and brawls have escalated to stabbings and shootings. Beantown is a mouldering cesspit of violence. There are more bloated corpses than ships afloat in Boston Harbor. President Grant wants the killings stopped and the issue resolved. Diamond's duty is to keep a low profile and track down the source of the trouble. His subconscious has been gnawing at him to hand more business to the medical profession rather than the undertakers. But Preston's new partner is eternally predisposed to violence.

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