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Preston Diamond: Return to Way-cross

Nearly a year has passed since the incarceration of Governor Sheffield Rittinger and his twice deceased wife, Ethyl. But the Rittingers' syndicate is a huge and enormously wealthy organization; deep pockets have bought the most noted attorneys east of the Mississippi and these sharks, in turn, have bribed, threatened and murdered prison officials, rigged juries, destroyed evidence and, most recently, commenced a campaign using a team of hardened professionals - assassins, bounty hunters and guns for hire - to eliminate key witnesses. Samantha Dexter is priority one on the Rittinger's list; however, before their killers can do the job, Sam is abducted by a pair of tactless kidnappers who are oblivious to the beautiful lady's dead or alive status. One of them hopes to sell her to the highest bidder; the other wants her for himself. Neither choice holds any favour for the lady.

Preston Diamond rides a deadly trail of hard fists and hot lead to free Samantha Dexter and escort her to the witness stand.

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