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“Abandon all notion that a rivalry exists between producers and consumers...We are all consumers,” Karl Larkin said. “Supply and Demand: the fundamental law of economics... No one ever says demand and supply. Does it mean the same thing? Maybe not. Consumers are powerless over supply but they are the ultimate controllers of demand and this, ladies and gentlemen, is where our financial experts have misstated the rule. Remember the energy crisis? Sugar shortage? Coffee and cocoa famines? Consumers have accepted the hype and paid the price whether these shortages were real or fabricated....”

Larkin is at the helm and he is steering a financially broken nation on a parlous course toward economic recovery. From a small town auditorium to the largest venues across the country, his mesmeric voice speaks for and sways a public desperate to be heard. Hungry media fan the flickering spark to a rising inferno as the one-man crusade surges out of control. Reaching international acclaim, Karl Larkin, the Consumers' Advocate, has delivered an affordable living standard, kept the work force working and reduced burden on tax payers.

Not everyone considers themselves a winner.

Karl Larkin and the beautiful journalist, Sheena Davies, find that the route they have taken is not a freeway. Refusing to turn back or detour, road blocks become road mines and staying alive isn't an option; it's a question of when and who will pull the trigger first....”

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