C. C. Phillips

Canadian Author



Return of Billy the Kid! We have recently revisited Young Guns I (1988) and Young Guns II (1990) and, upon completing a piece of research, discovered that Emilio Estevez – who portrays William Bonney, aka Henry McCarty – is in the process of acting and directing Young Guns III: Alias Billy The Kid. The production, also written by Estevez, is to be released this year, the 35th anniversary of the original, a box office hit. The movies are especially interesting in that they renew the controversy as to whether Pat Garrett really did shoot and kill the hero of the Lincoln County War. I'll say this about that, β€œThe author of the Jesse Sterling novel The Broken Buckle doesn't believe that Billy The Kid died at the hand of Specially Appointed Sheriff Pat Garrett, July 14, 1881.”